Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey & Coifs

Tuesday 17 October at Matthews Hall: 12noon (11.45 Doors Open)

Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs, 17th century in costume. By Janet Few

Title: Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors 

 ‘Why do you need a bum roll?’ ‘What colour were carrots in the C17th?’ ‘What did the Cavaliers use for deodorant?’ ‘Can you think of 47 uses for urine?’ Supplying the answers to the above (well, maybe not all 47 uses), this presentation by Mistress Agnes, aided by Master Christopher, is a light-hearted but informative, insight into the domestic life of our C17th ancestors. The emphasis is on providing the context against which to set the documentary evidence for this period.

Janet Few is an experienced British family, social and community historian who lectures regularly on these subjects throughout the UK, overseas and at sea. As well as writing articles for local, national and academic history and family history magazines, Janet has written several fiction and non-fiction books. Working as an historical interpreter, Janet spends time living in the seventeenth century as her alter ego, Mistress Agnes. Her book, Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors, describes the social history of the period. She is the manager of Swords and Spindles, a company providing living history presentations for schools, heritage sites, history societies and social groups.