2024 Daytime Lectures at Matthews Hall

Our  Daytime Lectures will re-start for the 2024 Season Thursday 18th April.  All these lectures will take place at Matthews Hall on Thursdays from 11am-12noon. Doors Open at 10.45 am. Entry is £5, payable at the door.

Churchill’s Secret Army in East Devon by Andrew Chatterton

Unknown to many there was a plan that if England was invaded various highly secret civilian units would have acted as a resistance force against German invasion and/or defeat and occupation. Units were set up in East Devon and the fascinating story of these units form part of the exhibition to be seen at Topsham Museum where we explore Topsham during WW11 and the lead up to D-Day. Andrew Chatterton is a Second World War historian focusing on the British Home Front defences, particularly the secret civilian groups that would have resisted invasion and occupation.