Why not write your own history?

You have a rich store of memories of family, friends, travels and day-to-day living. Now or later, others including children and grandchildren will want to know about your life. There may be stories you haven’t told or no one has thought to ask about. There will be happy parts and sad parts to your history, but your family will treasure them all.

You could speak to brothers and sisters or friends and have a happy time remembering events from the past. You might like to add photographs, newspaper cuttings, invitation cards, tickets or other memorabilia. You could record on a phone or send the story in emails, little by little.
And when you finish, keep your history safe for your family . . . or share it with them now.
If it’s difficult to write your history down yourself, perhaps you could tell the stories and someone could write it for you.

Click on the link below to download and print a template to help you write your own history:

here is a link