Art & Advertising

The second Museum Lecture of the season is ‘Art & Advertising’ by John Francis on 25th May at 11 am. Tickets are free for this Zoom Lecture and are  available from Eventbrite , click on the link for more information, to get a ticket or set a reminder:

We may be inclined to think art and advertising are opposed to each other, that they stand for completely different things. While this may be true at times, their relationship is much more complicated than that. Art and advertising draw from each other in ways we may not always recognize.

John Francis has a relaxed lecturing style that successfully employs humour and innovation to encourage learning and dialogue with his audience. He is a very experienced university lecturer, consultant and visual artist. He grew up on Merseyside and was educated in Fine Art and pedagogy in the UK and New York. John developed an interest in Film and Video whilst studying for his master’s degree at the prestigious Central St Martins School of Art in London. He has worked, conducted research, and lectured extensively in England, America, Eastern Europe, Australia and Malaysia. Whilst lecturing in Penang he was awarded a research grant to explore multi-cultural advertising. John was accredited as a lecturer by the Arts Society (UK) in November 2017.