A View From My Window

We are living in unprecedented times.

Nationally, and locally, we are experiencing something no one has ever experienced before and individuals, businesses and the community are reacting in extraordinary ways.

In twenty or fifty years time, our children and grandchildren will ask us what it was like.

  • What did you do all day?
  • How did you buy food and other essentials?
  • How did you keep in touch with family and friends?
  • How did it change your life?

Topsham Museum is collecting newspaper cuttings, notices and leaflets, photographs, voice recordings, video or written diaries, drawings and personal records of all kinds. We need your help to collect this important material now, before it all gets lost or forgotten. It will form a permanent record in the museum.

Can you help?

Please collect and record whatever you can.

Email to info@topshammuseum.org.uk or keep it until the Museum opens again