War comes to Topsham

Regular visitors will recall that our main exhibition in 2016 was “War Comes to Topsham”, kindly supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The exhibition focussed on the Topsham community during the First World War and told interesting and heroic stories we discovered about residents who served at home, in the Trenches and in faraway places. Primarily it concentrated on the men and women who survived and returned to the town after the war.

To commemorate the centenary of the Armistice in 1918 we will show some of the original material from “War Comes to Topsham”, some new displays and research to reflect what was happening here at the end of the war. The files of information on every one of over 300 local servicemen who returned to the town after the War ended remain on open shelf access in the Local History Room.

Do come and see this new display which opens on 24th August.